Pioneering Plastic Surgeon Mr Olivier Amar introduces the PRP Express, a new natural aesthetics innovation which uses the patient’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin, improve luminosity and reduce the visible signs of ageing on the face.

Exclusively with Mr Amar at the Cadogan Clinic, the PRP Express is a non-surgical alternative technique to the well-known, more painful and time consuming high street versions. It is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic, using Platelet Rich Plasma from the patient’s blood which are rich in growth factors. This is injected through a tiny cannula into deep skin tissue of the cheek, helping to rejuvenate the skin by activating its own natural defences. This in turn produces collagen and healing platelet rich plasma to heal the skin from the inside out, revealing a fresh, radiant complexion.

The PRP Express is virtually painless as only 2-3 tiny incisions are made using a small needle to make space to insert the tiny, flexible cannula, making it the perfect treatment for busy people who desire fast and effective therapies. The process takes only 30 minutesto perform, visible results are achieved within two weeks of the treatment and last for up to six months. An ideal solution to help combat exposure from the weather elements pre-season(safeguarding against sun, wind, cold and snow), the PRP Express will help accelerate the healing process of skin damage and stimulate the development of new collagen in the face. It is also perfect for brightening the skin before a special occasion or as a beauty tonic for an all year-round glow.

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Mr. Olivier Amar
Mr. Olivier Amar

Plastic Surgeon

A French plastic surgeon specialising in fat transfer, facial rejuvenation, liposuction, body contouring as well as breast and buttock enhancement