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  • The New Tailor Made Mummy Makeover - Done in a Day
The New Tailor Made Mummy Makeover - Done in a Day

The New Tailor Made Mummy Makeover - Done in a Day

The Cadogan Clinic, one of the UK's leading cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatment practices gives the Mummy Makeover a Brazilian twist.

The hugely popular Mummy Makeover, which consists of one or a number of procedures performed in a day case setting, is refreshed with the Brazilian Abdominoplasty to deliver better tone and definition to patients, whilst reducing risk and recovery time. The Brazilian tummy tuck is a safe and improved surgical technique that combines liposuction (to the upper abdomen and flanks) with tissue removal and repair of tummy muscles. This modified technique has less pain, negates the need for drains and creates a better sculpted shape.

The most common areas requiring rejuvenation as part of a Mummy Makeover include the legs, breasts and the tummy, but additional areas which are rising in popularity include eyelid, facial and C-Section scar revision surgery.

Mr Garrick Georgeu is amongst only a very small handful of surgeons in the UK trained and qualified to perform the very specialist Brazilian Abdominoplasty and he was also one of the first surgeons to perform this procedure as a day case surgery in the UK. The extensive experience of Mr Georgeu, combined with his meticulous, exacting standards makes him one of the best and most exciting practitioners in the country.

The Cadogan Clinic saw a 31% rise in surgical procedures relating to the Mummy Makeover in 2016, when the cosmetic surgery market as a whole saw a decline in surgery procedures. The demand for these procedures remains strong at the Cadogan Clinic and strong growth has continued throughout 2017, due to the skill of the surgeons and innovative techniques and results.

"The Mummy Makeover is hugely popular amongst women seeking to reclaim their pre-baby bodies, and target areas of the body where, despite the best intentions after dieting and exercise, are not going to improve. Mummy Makeover procedures at the Cadogan Clinic are bespoke to each patient, addressing unique concerns in order to re-sculpt the body back to its natural shape," says Mr Garrick Georgeu, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic.

The most common Mummy Makeover procedure combinations include Abdominoplasty, breast surgery and liposuction:

The Brazilian Abdominoplasty or ''Brazilian tummy tuck'' has similarities to the traditional tummy tuck including:

• The same amount of tissue is removed (usually a melon slice of tissue is removed as an ellipse from the belly button to the pubic bone)
• The scar is the same length (ideally hidden as low as possible, so that its hidden with underwear)
• The tummy muscles pulled apart during pregnancy for example are brought back to their normal position (repairing any hernia if present)

The positive advances of the Brazilian tummy tuck include:

• Liposuction is used to sculpt and contour the tummy and flanks
• No drains are needed as a specialized layer of tissue on the tummy is preserved
• A better definition of the flanks is created
• Less pain and quicker mobilization (patients are expected to be up and walking within 3 hours post operation)
• Safe to perform as a day case procedure

Genetics plays the biggest role when it comes to breast shape and size, however, breasts can also fluctuate in response to changes in weight, hormones, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The consultants at Cadogan Clinic analyse the individual need of the patient to decide the optimal breast procedure for delivering the most effective results. Most popular breast surgery as part of the Mummy Makeover include:

Augmentation, the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK, is a straightforward procedure involving an implant or fat graft, which changes the size, shape or texture of the breast, restoring shape and confidence to women.
Uplift (also called a Mastopexy) when the patient has good volume of the breast but a change in the shape and position on the chest wall is desired e.g. the breast has dropped post pregnancy or breastfeeding. In these cases, the breast doesn't need extra volume but a lift and reshaping is required.
Augmentation combined with an uplift This procedure is undertaken when the patient feels that the current breast volume is too small and the position of the breast is too low. In these circumstances an implant would be used as a base on which the breast tissue is lifted and reshaped.
Reduction This is carried out with the patient feels that their breasts are too big or heavy. In these circumstances a reduction of the breast volume is performed and the remaining tissue is reshaped and lifted into a more youthful position.


Cadogan Clinic Founder Mr Bryan Mayou pioneered the introduction of liposuction to the UK over 30 years ago, and the clinic remains the home of liposuction in the UK. The liposuction procedure will address key concerns for the individual, including thighs, flanks and lower back.

During this fat removal surgery, a narrow tube is inserted through a small incision into the problem area and the fat is then sucked out of the body through the same tube.

The consultants at the Cadogan Clinic take a truly holistic view of each patient prior to the procedure, considering their individual body shape and proportions, goals and expectations in order to achieve optimal, natural and complementary results. The practitioners work together with the patient (and other consultants if required) to plan the best course of treatment for the individual.

Due to the skill of the surgeons and anesthetists and the type of anesthesia used, patients are able to return home on the same day as having the Mummy Makeover procedure, with minimum side effects. This approach is designed to enhance the recovery, minimise risk of infection and reduce the impact on the individual's life. Patients will also benefit from free aftercare from the dedicated nursing team 24 months after the procedure.